Diversity and inclusion

We want everyone to feel welcome and respected at KLM. Learn more about our diversity and inclusion efforts and about our commitment statement.

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Our vision

At KLM, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. What else would you expect from a company that has been connecting people around the globe for more than one hundred years? By always trying to embrace our differences, we make it easier to connect with our customers, employees, society, and one another. Our employees, originating from over 70 countries, exhale responsibility, passion, and care. Every day, again and again. 

We are always curious about the experiences of our diverse passengers and employees, from all around the world, with various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. They are important to us and allow us to understand their needs, taking them along in our product services, processes, and interactions. We believe that a culture of diversity and inclusion brings value to our customers, employees, and to our company. We are on a continuous journey exploring the diversity of our customers and employees. KLM fosters an inclusive environment where everyone belongs. For our customers, throughout their KLM journey and for our employees in the workplace.

Read our full statement on diversity and inclusion